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1 kg Iron Scrap Price in UAE

Want to Know the 1 KG Iron Scrap Price in UAE (today) 1 kg Iron Scrap price in UAE today Sharjah? Then here you need know the market trends and get the free advice by our team. Iron Scrap price in Dubai & Iron Scrap rate in UAE is not same on every day. It’s depend on the market rates and trends. Feel Free Contact With our Expert for now the Iron price per kg in UAE

Understanding Iron Scrap Market Dynamics in the UAE

Iron scrap serves as a vital raw material for steel production, making it a commodity of immense importance in industrial economies like the UAE. Factors such as infrastructure projects, urbanization initiatives, and the overall economic growth drive the demand for iron scrap in the region.

As of today, the price of iron scrap in the UAE fluctuates based on several factors including global market trends, demand-supply dynamics, and currency fluctuations. In Sharjah, a prominent industrial center within the UAE, the price per kilogram of iron scrap is closely monitored by traders, manufacturers, and construction companies alike.

Real-time Pricing Insights

At the time of this writing, the price of iron scrap in Sharjah is depend on the Market trends as per kilogram. However, it’s important to note that these prices are subject to change frequently due to market volatility and external factors.

Factors Influencing Iron Scrap Prices

Global Economic Conditions: The global economic landscape plays a crucial role in determining the price of iron scrap, as it directly impacts demand from major steel-producing countries.

Local Demand-Supply Dynamics: Domestic factors such as infrastructure projects, construction activities, and industrial output significantly influence the demand for iron scrap within the UAE.

Currency Fluctuations: Exchange rate movements, particularly against the US dollar, can affect the purchasing power of importers and exporters in the UAE, thereby influencing iron scrap prices.

Regulatory Policies: Government regulations related to scrap metal imports, recycling initiatives, and environmental compliance also contribute to price fluctuations in the market.


In conclusion, the price of iron scrap in the UAE and Demolition Price in UAE, particularly in Sharjah, remains dynamic, responding to a multitude of factors shaping the global and local economy. As stakeholders navigate through these fluctuations, staying abreast of real-time pricing trends and market developments becomes imperative for informed decision-making in the scrap metal industry.

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